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At Great Lakes Investment Management, your goals are our top priority. That isn’t just a trite, catchy sentence—it’s at the core of everything we do together!

We combine a heart-felt boutique experience with cutting-edge technology and access to the best investment products so you receive support that fits you now and allows you to grow into more in the future, all while avoiding costly mistakes that you may make if you were investing on your own (or not investing at all!).

As fiduciary fee-only financial planners, we are compensated only by the fees we charge, not the products we sell. That means every plan and option we present to you is provided to further your goals and priorities and yours alone.



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What We Can Do Together

After diligently considering your long and short-term objectives, risk tolerance and protection needs, we then build tailor-made strategies with specific financial planning steps to help fulfill your goals.

Investment Management

We create an investment policy statement for you based on your goals and objectives. Fees for investment management services are based on the value of total assets under management.


Comprehensive Financial Planning

Financial planning services include but are not limited to investment planning; life insurance; tax concerns; retirement planning; college planning; and debt/credit planning.


Financial Empowerment Coaching

Financial empowerment coaching is for those who need assistance getting their finances in order before investing in more comprehensive wealth management services.


Our goal is to help you plan for your future and live the life of your dreams.

By providing services virtually, you can receive the highest level of service in the most efficient, convenient way possible.

How We Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals


From Day One, my priority has been to always lead with solutions, not products. This is the foundation for my business and the core of the wealth management philosophy at Great Lakes Investment Management.

As your financial steward, my goal is simple: To help you grow and protect your assets across a broad spectrum of services and life transitions.

My team and I have guided clients effortlessly through events like a growing family, divorce, job changes, retirement, and losing a loved one.

Because each transition requires an update to your plan, we’re with you every step of the way to ensure your tailor-made strategy continues to serve and protect your financial future.

The comprehensive plan you’ll receive is designed to help you build confidence in your financial future so you can live the life of your dreams.

As you learn about Great Lakes Investment Management, myself, and my team, you may have questions — and I’d love to hear them! Feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation so we can chat about your goals and see whether we’d be a great fit together!

To your financial future,

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Who We Serve

Wealth Builders

You’re in the phase of life where you want to begin your financial journey on the right foot. You have a lot of goals and plenty of time to accomplish them. We’ll help you create a plan that will allow for fun and financial security so you can live the life of your dreams and you’re sure never to run out of money.


Women in Transition

With specialized training in divorce financial planning, many of our clients begin working with us during or immediately following their divorce.

We are in your corner and protecting your finances as you’re getting divorced and helping you plan for your new path in life.


Business Owners

Whether you have dreams of starting a business or leaving a legacy for the next generation, business owners face unique challenges when it comes to investing their assets and avoiding financial mistakes.

We will create a plan that balances your personal and business goals.


Choosing a financial planner is an important decision. Let’s see if we’d be a good fit.

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Gain valuable information to begin educating yourself on investing, finances, and more.

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Take the Free Assessment

Are you on track for building financial wealth? Take the free assessment today!

Take The Assessment

Let’s talk about your goals and create a financial plan that helps you invest in what matters most.

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