I remember when I first became a financial advisor and I had to learn all about life insurance. Back then, I was annoyed that I had to become insurance licensed and was expected to sell it.  I got into financial advising because I wanted to help people reach their financial goals, not to sell life insurance.  At the time, I really did not see the connection between the two. And honestly, I was never a fan of selling anything. However, if I had a list of things I didn’t like to sell, life insurance was at the top of it. I was incredibly naive at that time. I was in my 20’s, was married and had no children. My ex-husband and I each had a reasonable income and neither of us was really supporting the other. At the time, life insurance just seemed like another expense to me. I really didn’t appreciate how valuable it could be.

Fast forward about ten years…

Fast forward about ten years and now I have three children. I was divorced and have since, gotten remarried. My life is more complicated now, to say the least. In addition to my own life becoming more complicated, I also experienced a lot more loss in my life and the lives of my clients. What does this all have to do with life insurance?


First off, let me be clear. I do not sell life insurance anymore so this is not a sale pitch for life insurance. I offer comprehensive fee-only financial planning. That means that as part of the planning process, I take a good look at people’s life insurance needs. If I determine that they don’t have the proper coverage, I refer them to someone who can help them fill the gap.


The thing is, I’ve now had the opportunity to witness families who were well-prepared for the loss of a loved one. I’ve also witnessed those who are unnecessarily struggling financially as a result of a loss. Life insurance can be an incredibly valuable piece of an overall financial plan. Thus, I’m glad that there is a month dedicated to awareness about life insurance. While I don’t enjoy talking about unexpected death, I do enjoy knowing that my clients have adequately prepared for the risks in their respective financial plans. And most importantly,  losing a loved one unexpectedly does not mean they will not be able to achieve their financial goals.

Unsure if you have the right amount and type of life insurance coverage?

If you are not sure if you have right amount or the right type of coverage, you are not alone! Sometimes I see clients who have continued to buy additional life insurance over the years because they were so fearful of being underinsured, they have fallen prey to sales pitch after sales pitch. On the other hand, I meet those who have just avoided any coverage beyond basic group life provided by their employer. And I see everything in between.


If you need assistance determining if you have the right type and amount of life insurance coverage, contact us for a consultation. It’s important to note, though, it’s not a simple yes or no answer.  It’s a conversation about what’s important to you and how life insurance can be a strategic part of your overall financial plan.


While we are based in Ohio, we maintain an active online presence and meet with clients virtually throughout the country. Schedule your free consultation today and learn how we can help you reach your financial goals.

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